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Five of Iwona Łyś-Dobradin’s are on view from through 2021.05.08 at Crealdé School of Art’s One World: International Women Artists Of Florida exhibition. Join us!

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Iwona Łyś-Dobradin’s “Window of Passion” is currently on view through 2021.03.23 at the 6th Christmas Salon of the ZPAP, a virtual exhibition

okno tinta
Above: Window of Passion, Aluminum and bronze, 77 x 40
Below: Photos from Iwona Łyś-Dobradin’s solo show opening THIRD DIMENSION, at The Palace of Fine Arts, Society of The Friends of Fine Arts in Krakow, Świetlica Wyspiańskiego, Kraków, Poland

Read the review by Piotr Wojnarowski for Info Krakow 24:

Info Krakow 24

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